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Supernatural Event

I Got Wounds in my Face Because of Fear

Demon Experience: After breaking up with his girlfriend, the young man goes to his relatives to have a rest in the village and experiences a horrifying incident after wandering around with sadness.

I Broke Up with My Girlfriend

One night at the weekend i came home, to the village. My relatives noticed paleness of my face and asked the reason for it. I never said it. However, i broke up with my girlfriend. I just didn’t want to say it to them. I ate something, went outside to have a walk in the streets, saw some friends. We talked. I seemed a little bit forgetful of my pain.

I came back at night. We watched TV a little bit. Then i got bored and went to the other room. I opened the music’s volume up. I lighted a cigarette. So the life was back on its track. It was late. My mother opened the door and asked ‘’Do you want anything?’’ I said ‘’No.’’ and she replied with ‘’We are going to sleep’’ and went away. It was getting so late. I got bored with music. I thought if i should do my night prayer. But i said ‘’I should get some fresh air from outside, i will do it later.’’

I went outside. It’s just a village and there was silence. A few lights were on. There was dog barking. I was walking. Then i just mentioned that there was a rock nearby the village and that i should rest there. I was usually doing it. But i never went there at night. I changed my path towards there. My feet were hitting some rocks while i was walking. I wasn’t still out of the village. Everything was normal.

Silhouette in the Distance

I felt different when i was getting far away from the village. It’s like there was some fear inside me. It’s funny but it’s the mentality of ‘’men don’t get scared of anything.’’ I continued walking. I was at the rocks. The village was seeable. The dogs were barking after noticing me. I just sat there and lighted one more cigarette. The wind was blowing. And then i focused on the silhouette in the distance.

I always sat down there but there was nothing like that before. It wasn’t noticeable because of the moonlight. I looked carefully. It seemed like moving. I thought it might be an animal but it suddenly vanished away. I was getting scared. I thought i might be ‘’overreacting’’ and decided to head back home. Also, they could be getting scared of my absence. When i turned to left, that silhouette was 50 meters away from me!


I started to run away without looking behind. I couldn’t look behind. But i was thinking it was chasing me. I ran, ran and ran. But to where? Towards a stupid destination. I ran towards the wrong path with that enthusiasm. I looked behind at that moment and that thing was really chasing me. Thoughts were coming on my mind with that fear. I thought that was a “demon.’’ Because i heard they were living in high hills. I remembered like that.

I sweat like a horse. It was getting closer and i was getting far away from the village. I started to tell my prayers. And i yelled “God save me.’’ It was just two meters. If it was an animal, wouldn’t there be footsteps or some kind of voices? I was scared. I couldn’t feel my feet. Suddenly i stumbled on and i tumbled down over. I think i fainted. I don’t remember anything after that. I assume they found me in morning after noticing my absence for a while. I was at home when i woke up. I got wounds on my face because of fear. On no account never trust the night and walk alone. Especially don’t go over the hills. I just explained because of all of this.

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