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Supernatural Event

Haunted Village

… A couple of dogs were licking his empty eye sockets and nibbling the remaining flesh. Everyone thought dogs savaged him.

Horror Story >  Real Demon Experience • Supernatural Event – Our next neighbor Uncle Hüsnü was telling us this story. There were some bizarre incidents happened in their village in Urfa (A city in Turkey). He said he doesn’t know if those scary incidents are still happening, but also, he wasn’t sure if they don’t. Because, he cut all the ties with his village. I would like to share this story with you as far as I can remember. Name of their village is “Karakeçi (Blackgoat)”, also known as “Cinli Köy (Haunted Village)”. Neighboring villages and its people were trying to stay away from this haunted village and its villagers as far as possible.

Shivering With Fear

During 1900’s, one day Ibrahim, a very religious person in the village, herded the sheep and sat under a tree. He felt sluggish and fell asleep. Just then, he heard some arch smiles. He immediately opened his eyes. What he saw was a sheep herd gathered around him and watching him, looking at him angrily and using a language that would fry bacon. He sprang his feet and run towards the village. Meanwhile he was looking over his shoulder while he was shivering with fear.

Bogey Rumors

He arrived home soaked in sweat and told what happened, to the household. Of course, no one believed in him. Although the bogey rumors were pretty common at that time, still they thought the story Ibrahim told them was silly. In fact, they thought he lost his mind. After a while the incident was forgotten. The shepherd was the grandfather of Uncle Hüsnü. İbrahim could never go to the meadow again and never shepherded anymore. One night, he left home to go to the bathroom and next morning he was found laying down on the floor with his head rotated 180 degrees and his eyes were removed. A couple of dogs were licking his empty eye sockets and nibbling the remaining flesh. Everyone thought dogs savaged him.

In the Belief That Devils Would Go

Years later, son of the shepherd Hüseyin, decided to perform namaz (a kind of Muslim worship) when he was alone in the house. In the middle of the second rakat, the house started to shake. The man, however, continued performing the namaz. Meantime he sensed the existence of other things in the house. He felt that whoever visits him is not made from the blood and the flesh, and since he cannot see them his fear was doubled. He continued praying in the belief that devils would go, but no matter how much he took refuge to Allah (the name of the god of the Muslims), they were decided to not to leave. 

Every Time He Said Allah

When he prostrated himself, something heavy jumped on him and backed him. Hüseyin kept recited kalima shadah (a kind of Muslim prayer) continuously, and every time he said Allah the thing on his back was pressing him even stronger. The man was praying with his face glued to praying rug. He heard some hustle and paper tearing sound coming from behind. Even though he wanted to stand up he couldn’t… He couldn’t even straighten himself. After much of crying and begging, he strongly got kicked on his back and he felt they left.

Haunted Village

When, in the evening, he told this incident to his family everyone believed in him, because two minutes ago they found a ripped Quran (holy book of Muslims), normally hanged on their wall, in the toilet. This incident widespread to all village and neighboring village… The village started to be called “Haunted Village” after that. However, these kinds of incidents were not happening anymore. Also, Hüseyin never spoke the name of the God ever again. 

The Corpse with Google-Eye from Fear

10 years later, when Uncle Hüsnü was 6, his father Hüseyin was found dead on his bed. His eyes were wide open from the fear and his body was stiffened. Imam of the village came to check for the body, after he prayed he realized that, the man had a stroke before he died, and all his toes were broken. After that he prayed for the house and the household and then he left. It was never understood how Hüseyin died, because there was nobody with him at that night. Although, Uncle Hüsnü heard some grunts and murmurs coming from his father’s room, he didn’t care.

Screaming Coming from The Next Door

After Uncle Hüsnü grew up, he moved to Ankara, got married and had kids. He was religious and very good person. We all loved him. Sometimes he acted weird, but it never disturbed us. We buried Uncle Hüsnü last spring. He woke up to go to the bathroom the night before he died, next morning we woke up with screaming coming from the next door. We found him as his arms were tied down on his back. May God rest him… Horror Story >  Real Demon Experience • Supernatural Event

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