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What Does It Mean When You Dream of Dead People or Death in a Dream?

Here are the answers to the questions of what it means when you dream of dead peopledeath, or talk to dead people in a dream.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream of Dead People or Death in a Dream?
What Does It Mean When You Dream of Dead People or Death in a Dream?

To dream that one dies in his sleep without being sick; means that one’s life will be long. If a person has a dream about seeing herself dead and taken to the grave; it can be interpreted as the person will go on a journey

To dream of dying and being shrouded can be interpreted as he or she will get married if he or she is single. If someone sees himself as dead and buried; it means that the person will die without making up for their mistakes. To dream about dying and being taken to the cemetery on the shoulders of the people means gaining honor and reputation in society.

Exit from the Grave or Resurrection

To dream about the exit from the grave after being buried means that the person will give up his mistakes and compensate for them. If a poor person dream about resurrection after death, it is interpreted as the person will be rich. On the other hand, if the person is on a journey or abroad, it means he or she will return home safely.

If a person dreams that the dead people exit from their graves, they eat all the food, and there is nothing left, it means that there will be a famine. To dream about the dead people drinking all the freshwater can be interpreted as a great disease that will occur in that area.

According to the interpretation of Abu Said al Vaiz: if a person dream about the resurrection of a deadit means that one will achieve a good deed soon and will receive good news unexpectedly. If you have a dream about a dead person resurrected in a place of worship, it is interpreted as that the dead person will rest in peace.

Talking to the Dead

To dream about talking to a dead means that the conversation will come true soon. If the person who speaks to the dead people is sitting, it means to go on a journey.

Dead Women

It is especially important for someone who dreams of unknown dead women in a dream if they are working in agriculture and irrigation. Since it means there will be a drought in the dreamer’s lives. On the other hand, if dead women are resurrected in the same dream, it means it will rain heavily. To dream about an unknown dead woman means that the dreamer’s jobs will be interrupted

Dead Old Man

To dream about a dead old man means that the dreamer will not get any results from the things the one desire.

Dead Spouse

If one’s spouse died and was resurrected in a dreamit is interpreted as a great benefit that will come to the dreamer from his spouse. Since dreaming about a spouse means soul or ego, the death of the spouse in the dream is interpreted in the right good

Dead Son

According to the interpretation of Ibn Kathirone of the famous spiritual dream interpreters, if someone has a dream about the wedding of his sonit means that he will defeat one of his enemies and will have an inheritance.

Dead Daughter

If one’s daughter dies in a dream; it can be interpreted as the one will give up his or her desires.

Dead Friend

To dream about a dead friend means that the dreamer will die or lose a friend. If a person dream about one of his relatives dyingit is interpreted that the dreamer’s strength will decrease.

Dead Wild Animal

To dream about a dead wild animal means that one will defeat his enemies and be safe in life.

Dead Pet

To dream about one of the pets being dead means bad luck in life.

Dead Lion or Elephant

If someone dreams about a dead lion or elephant; it is interpreted as an important statesman who will die in the country soon.

The hostility of a Dead

According to the interpretation of Imam Nablus, one of the famous spiritual dream interpreters: If someone dreams about the hostility of a member of the household who has already died means that a friend of that person will get cross with him.

Fury of a Dead

To dream about a dead person getting angry with the dreamer is interpreted as the dead person’s inheritance did not fulfill, that prayer or charity reaches the dead person if he sees a dead person laughing and rejoicing in his dream.

Dead with a Well Dress

If someone dreams about a dead person in a good dress, it means that the deceased’s rank in the hereafter is very high, and the one died in faith.

Dead with a Black Face

To dream about a dead person first laughing, then crying, or seeing with a black face is interpreted as the person died in faithlessness.

Worship of the Dead

According to the interpretation of spiritual dream interpreter İsmail el Esas: to dream about a dead person praying means that the deceased was very fond of his worship while he was alive. If the dead person is praying at the same place where he was worshiping while alive; it is interpreted as the dead person is in a good condition in the hereafter.

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