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Verse of Invisibility

Anesthesia Technician Heybet Yarar is telling how a relative of his patient who came to the hospital became invisible and left them in amazement.

Paranormal Events at the Night Shift

Heybet Yarar – I’m 36 and an anesthesia technician. I worked in intensive care departments and operating rooms for about 14-15 years. During these years, I experienced many paranormal events. I would like to share one of these with you… Our intensive care unit had 10 beds. A man from Diyarbakir was in bed number 4. He was 75 years old and his name was Güzel. He was at the hospital because of CRF CHF diagnosis… This event happened in 2015.

We were three employees on the night shift; Ayşe, Muhammed, and me. It was around 21:00 in the evening and the doorbell of the intensive care unit rang. I went to check it, and I saw a young man in his 20s with a beard. I told him, “How can I help you?”. He replied, “My father is your patient. His name is Güzel. If you may allow, I would like to visit my father and pray and recite Yasin [1]One of the verses in the Quran next to him.” I replied, “We are not allowed to accept any relatives of patients at this hour but we have our supervisor here, let me ask him and if allows, of course, you can.”

Anyways, I went back. Our supervisor asked Muhammed. He replied, “It is forbidden. We cannot accept him at this hour. Cameras are watching, we may have trouble in the morning.” I went and told what we talked to the kid. He said, “Brother, please ask again, maybe he may accept it this time.” I went back and told, “Muhammed brother, the kid is insisting.” He said, “No, it is forbidden, we cannot let him in”

The Third Time is the Charm

I told the kid again, “My brother, he is not allowing. I’m sorry.” He touched my shoulder and told, “Brother, the third time is the charm. Please ask him again. If we do not allow it, I will enter anyway.” Here is the psychology of patient relatives… I asked again but he didn’t allow it again. The kid said, “Brother, you did what you can do. Thank you. God bless you.” and went. Anyways, we returned back to our routine and morning arrived. Our shift ended. While we are about to leave, one of the personnel came next to us. She said, “Ayşe, Muhammed, Heybet! The head nurse is calling you into her room.”

The Head Nurse Interrogated Us

We three went to the head nurse’s room. She looked at us and told, “Don’t you know that accepting the relatives of the patients are not allowed at night?” We said, “We know it is and we didn’t take anyone in.” She said, “Are you sure?” We replied, “Yes, we are sure. We didn’t let anyone in.” The head nurse turned the computer monitor and then asked, “Well, what is this then?”

The Shock We Experienced When We Watch the Security Footage

She let us watch the security footage. That person was in. He went next to his father and recited Yasin. We were sitting behind the desk, and he greeted us and greeted him back. It happened again while he was leaving too. He greeted us again. We told, “We know how it looks in the footage but in reality, we didn’t experience anything like that we didn’t see anyone. We didn’t let anyone in. It is impossible because he needs to pass through three doors to come here and all those doors are operating with mechanic cards.”

We were begging the head nurse, “We didn’t let anyone in…” The woman said, “Should I believe in you or what I see with my own eyes? The man is in, he is passing in front of you and you still tell me that you didn’t let anyone in.” Of course, we were shocked. We didn’t let that man in and he didn’t enter. How can it look like this on the footage?

Verse of Invisibility

After this event, I consulted a few hodjas and no one could provide any answers. At last, we asked someone else. He said, “There is a verse in Quran. There is no place you cannot enter after reading it nine times in a row but I even do not know that verse. There is a verse like that; when you read it nine times in a row, all doors will open to you.”

Note: The verse, which is mentioned in the story that is told by Heybet Yarar is probably the ninth verse of Yasin surah. It is believed that the Prophet of Islam recited this verse while secretly migrating from Mecca to Medina to pass in front of his enemies without being seen by them. This verse is often recited in nine teams to protect oneself from the evilness of his enemies. Its meaning is “We built a barrier in front and behind of them, thus, we have veiled their eyes; they cannot see you anymore.”

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1 One of the verses in the Quran

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