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Things Known About Zulman Djinns

According to the rumors, here are the things known about Zulman djinns, which live in tribes and are claimed to be one of the most djinn species.

Things Known About Zulman Djinns

Djinns, which live in deserts, tall and bulky and few in number, are called Zulmans. According to the rumors, Zulman djinns are highly dangerous. Due to where they live, they are also called desert djinns or desert Zulmans. According to the rumors, there are plenty of events that took place about the Zulman djinns, especially in Arabia.

Arabs used to hand Qur-a to the neck of their camels in their caravans to avoid encountering the Zulmans while they are going to Yemen for business. It is believed that they used to do this to protect themselves and their camels from the haunt of Zulmans. According to the rumors, Zulmans used to visit the caravans at night and kidnap the camels. They even make them sick or kill them.

It is told that there are records, in which some caravans traveling between Mecca and Yemen disappeared and were never seen again. Therefore, even today, Bedouins living close to deserts do not stay close to water wells at night.

According to the rumors, Zulmans are a djinn community cursed because they did not obey the Prophet Solomon. It is claimed that they visit houses with amulets, talismans, and valuables outside of the deserts and bury what they take from homes in wells and graves.

Zulman Djinns Event Happened in Khalif Abubekir

Here is an event claimed to happen after the Prophet of Islam, Muhammed passed away and when Prophet Abubekir was elected as the head of the Islamic State (632 – 634 AD):

According to the rumors, a caravan consisting of 20 camels and 60 people set off from Mecca to Yemen. They set up a tent to rest at night after traveling for a couple of days. They chose a few people as guards and entered their tents to start resting. In the dark of the night, the guard came in a hurry and told everyone that he hears some voices. People in the caravan started to listen carefully and they heard humming sounds from afar.

Right after it, they saw a group of Zulman djinns, which were tall and had light skin, coming towards them. They asked the people in the caravan if they have any food and drinks with them. They left the caravan after they consumed what was offered to them. Everyone went into their tents after these creepy people went and started to rest.

In the morning, they saw that all the camels in the caravan were dead. They returned to Mecca desperately after this event and told what happened to them to Khalif Abubekir. They told that tall and bulky people visited them and in the morning all the camels were dead without any reason.

Khalif Abubekir said that those were Zulman djinns, which were cursed by God, and if they would not offer anything to them, everyone in the caravan would die just like the camels.

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