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The Djinn Wedding I Attended Without Being Aware of It

True Horror Stories – The man who was repairing transformers is telling the story of himself attending a djinn wedding without being aware of it upon the invitation of people after his car breakdown.

True Horror Stories – Hello. I will tell my memory to you. This story is completely true. However, since I’m the only witness of this story, which I’m going to tell, of course, I cannot provide any proof to let you believe it. I’m aware of it…

It was 2001. In those years, I was repairing the irrigation transformers in villages. One of my clients from the Midyat district of Mardin, Turkey called me. He told me, “You need to come here urgently!”. I was around 5-6 PM. I told my client, “Okay, I’m on the way”. I thought, “It is a 3-hour long road. In the worst scenario, I will stay there overnight and hit the road in the morning” and hit the road.

My car broke down when I had about 30-40 kilometers to the village. It was about 10 PM and dark. I started to wait thinking that someone may pass and help me… However, despite waiting for a while, no one came… There was no signal on my phone. There was a slightly tall hill ahead. I thought “Maybe I should go there and have a signal. I will call my client and ask him to come and get me”. I headed to the hill… However, there was no signal there as well.

Meanwhile, I noticed two people coming toward me. I said, “There must be a village nearby.” I greeted the men when they got closer, and they greeted me back. I said, “My car broke down, can you help me please?” They told me, “Sorry, we have a wedding to attend, and we are going there. These areas are not safe, come with us. We will find a solution after the wedding.” These were short men with old-fashioned outfits… I noticed that I could not do anything else and went with them. We walked for about 40 minutes. I didn’t know where I was or where I went at the end of this walk

There were about 25-30 people in the area we arrived. Both men and women. They all were looking the same. There were onion skins on the wrists and necks of women… [1]Onion Skins and Djinns: According to a common belief in Anatolia, onion skins are the food of djinns. However, according to a different belief, onion skins are the currency or accessories of djinns. Naturally, I find it quite weird but in the end, I was an uninvited stranger guest at their wedding. Therefore, I couldn’t ask the reason for it to anyone. As a result, it might be one of the interesting traditions of the villagers living in the area. Anyway, these women with onion skin accessories were playing tambourine and dancing.

There were only a few fireplaces in the wedding area and the entire lighting was them… I looked around but did not see any kids or any sign that indicated there is a village nearby… Of course, I started to be afraid, but I tried to stay cool and not make it obvious.

Anyways, people at the wedding played instruments, sang songs, and danced… Of course, they also invited me to dance from time to time. 2-3 hours passed in this way. Then, someone came next to me and started to ask me questions as I was interrogated… He asked about my religion, where I am from, etc.

I don’t know what happened next, but I passed out. When I opened my eyes, the sun has already risen, and I was in my car. There were onion skins in the next seat… A tractor passed about 2-3 hours later. I asked for help and we connected my car behind the tractor and towed it. Eventually, I managed to visit my client. My client was also worried about me until the morning.

I told him what I experienced… His elderly experienced such events a few times. He told me, “You came across a djinn wedding.” This is all…

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1 Onion Skins and Djinns: According to a common belief in Anatolia, onion skins are the food of djinns. However, according to a different belief, onion skins are the currency or accessories of djinns.

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