The Danger of Death: Losing a Tooth in a Dream

Although a dream about a tooth in a dream usually gives information about the future of relatives and financial situations, it is often interpreted as death.

For this reason, the interpreter should be very careful while interpreting dreams about a tooth. If it is possible, it should be interpreted by a competent person. If you are going to interpret it yourself, you should take care to interpret it as positively as possible. Because, as it is known, the interpretation affects reality. Dreams come true as they are interpreted unless they are interpreted as forced or irrelevantly.

The Danger of Death Losing a Tooth in a Dream
The Danger of Death Losing a Tooth in a Dream

4 Rules Must be Known Before Making Spiritual Dream Interpretations

The teeth in the dream represent family and relatives. According to the classification prepared by Molla Cami, one of the masters of spiritual dream interpretation, the information about which tooth represents which relative is as follows:

Which Teeth Represents Who

Teeth in the Upper Jaw

It represents the paternal relatives of the dreamer.

Teeth in the Lower Jaw

It represents relatives on the maternal side.

2 Front Teeth in the Upper Jaw

They represent father and uncle. The right one represents the father, and the left one represents the uncle. If the dreamer has no father and uncle, they represent two brothers or two children or two close friends of that person.

2 Front Teeth in the Lower Jaw

They represent mother and aunt. The right one represents the mother, the left one represents the aunt. If the dreamer has no mother and aunt, they represent his sister or two daughters of his sisters.

Teeth Next to the 2 Front Teeth in the Lower Jaw

It represents the uncle or aunt of the dreamer.

Canine Teeth

It represents the sons of the uncles of the dreamer or his two friends like the sons of the uncles.

Teeth Next to Canine Teeth

The tooth next to the canines represents a trusted family member among the dreamer’s family.

Upper Jaw Anterior Molars

It represents uncle and uncle’s sons or those who take their place in giving advice.

Mandibular Anterior Molars

The front molars in the lower jaw represent the dreamer’s aunt or uncle’s daughter.

Maxilla Posterior Molars

It represents the grandparents or little boys of the dreamer.

Mandibular Posterior Molars

They represent the relatives and grandmothers who are far from the family of the dreamer.

Meanings of Dental Conditions

Tooth Growth

If a person dream about a new tooth coming out next to a tooth; it can be interpreted as the person will benefit from a relative represented by that tooth. To dream about a newborn child teething; means that the person who is the dreamer will be exposed to trouble and misfortune. To dream about the lost teeth being replaced by new ones can be interpreted as your relatives’ grudges and enmities against you have finished.

Left a Single Tooth in Your Mouth

To dream about you having only one tooth left in your mouth means that you only have one year to live.

Tooth Shaking

One of the teeth shaking in a dream can be interpreted as a disease. Whichever of the above-mentioned teeth is shaking, it means that the disease will show its effect on the person represented by that tooth.

Losing or Falling Out of a Tooth in a Dream

Losing a tooth, as explained above, means that one of the persons represented by the tooth dies or the dreamer will never see that person again. To dream about one losing all his teeth is interpreted in three ways. The dreamer or one of his relatives will die or all his property will be lost, or he will have financial difficulties.

The person who dreams about he is teething expends his property or pays something he must pay. For example, a debt, compensation, or redemption… If a person buries his tooth in a dream after teething it, it means he will receive goods from his relative represented by the tooth. If he buries the tooth, the relative the tooth represents dies. Since this dream’s interpretation contains death and property, it is likely to mean inheritance.

To dream about one of the teeth suddenly falling into somebody’s lap or hand is interpreted as the pregnant woman will give birth or will have a property and benefit from it. If a person dreams about his tooth has fallen, and somebody takes it from where it fell; it means that the person who takes it will have a new child.

To dream about searching for a fallen tooth but can’t find is interpreted as one of his relatives will die. Whoever dreams about his black and rotten tooth has lost means that he will get rid of all his troubles. To dream about losing front teeth and teething in place of them again is interpreted as the measures taken by the person about the job will not be useful.

Broken Teeth

The one who dreams about his teeth being broken means that one of his relatives and friends of the person will die. The child of the person who dreams about the canine tooth being broken dies.

Growing of the Teeth

It is interpreted as there will be a dispute in the house of anyone who dreams about the teeth growing. According to the interpretation of Ibn Kathir, one of the masters of spiritual dream interpretation: Seeing the teeth getting smaller in the dream; is interpreted with beauty, and its greatness is interpreted with the gospel.

Teething in the Heart

A person who dreams about teething in his heart will die according to the interpretation of the dream.

Tooth Discoloration or Decay

The person who dreams about his teeth turning yellow and black will be ashamed because of some behaviors that his family members will do.

Bad Smell of the Teeth

It is interpreted as the family of the person who dreams about there are a bad smell in his teeth will gossip about his family.

Golden Teeth

It has good meaning for orators to dream about golden teeth. If a person who is trading dreams about he has a gold tooth in his mouth, it is interpreted that he will earn money from a big business. For those outsides of these professions, it means a fire that will occur in their homes, or they have jaundice disease.

Silver Teeth

A person who dreams about silver teeth means that the one will suffer a commercial loss due to a word to be said about his property.

Glass or Wooden Teeth

A person who dreams about glass or wooden teeth means that he will receive news of death that will make him extremely sad.

Spaces Between Teeth

Whoever dreams about there are gaps or spaces between his teeth, pays off his debt little by little. To dream about the teeth are sparse in your dream refers to the disintegration of the family, mischief among them, or a loss of property.

Teeth on Edge

To dream about one’s teeth on edge can be interpreted as his family will not help him when he needs help.

Displacement of Teeth

It is interpreted as a sign that the women in the family of the person who dreams about the upper teeth moving downwards and the lower teeth moving upwards will prevail over the men and will put them under pressure.

Teeth in Pocket or Palm

To dream about teeth in the pocket and palm is interpreted as a sister or a child will be born.

Dental Treatment

To dream about taking a pill for your toothache or having a tooth out is interpreted as good luck and benefit, getting rid of troubles.

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