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The Creature that Claims for Human Child

Bioenergy Specialist Nimet Asiltürk told the opinions about the creatures from another dimension, which claim for the kid of the family and things she did to resolve the problem in one of the seasons she had with the family.

These days, I’m working on a paranormal purification of a kid. Of course, this was requested and allowed by the mother of the kid. They cannot sleep at their home, especially in their bedrooms. She was talking about shadows, which suddenly disappear when they turn their head, put pressure on them while sleeping to make it difficult to breathe, cannot move and even make a sound, cause suddenly excess sweating, and a state of restlessness.

Her 5 years of kid is suffering from bone disease, fever for no reason, no bounds in naughtiness and obedience, restlessness, unhappiness, and crying with screams day and night. After her child wakes up from sleeping with excess sweating, screamingThere is a wolf mom! The wolf will bite me!”, especially looking at the curtain in their bedroom, her mother says that she has no doubt about something supernatural and she asked for my help. So, we scheduled an appointment.

A day before our session, her husband suffered sleep paralysis while sleeping in their bedroom. He was afraid of having a heart attack. When he managed to get back to normal, he ran to where his wife is sleeping and hugged her. Since the woman believed that their bedroom was invaded, she just uses the room to take her clothes and wear them in a different room.

In the morning of the night after the sleep paralysis, they woke up to the sound of the explosion of the boiler’s boiling water pipe. While they were looking for a repairman and cleaning the floors, the plates on the counter started to fall to the floor. The sofa we sit started to shake. They check the lights to see if there was an earthquake but none of the lambs were moving. The woman called me and said, “Please, let’s do the session as soon as possible. They will destroy the house on us.”

My profession is bioenergy specialist and I deal with energies. When I visited the house at night for the session and after the kid fall asleep, the things I saw were quite horrifying for a regular person. A gigantic scary creature… This was a commander… And there were about 15 more, which I can say that they were his soldiers and shorter than the commander. They were creatures with light brown horns, as black as a pitch, and had tails.

As I said, it is horrifying for most people, but it is a job, which is not horrifying but a challenging task for me. I won’t share my purification techniques now. I won’t share them just because scammers, who want to take the advantage of people, cannot deceive, and abuse them by pretending to carry out these practices.

I purified the energy of their home and then moved to the purification of the body of the kid. I can tell you what I saw on the body. I drained and purified brown energy from the kid’s blood and bones. They used the inside of the body as a planting ground to grow maggots. He was full of maggots (not the material ones but some kind of energy). I purified them all.

They placed a special lens (again not material but a kind of energy) on the eyes of the kid so that he could see them and follow their orders as a “human soldier”. It was quite challenging to purify it. It was well established on the eye since it was placed on the kid’s eye when he was an infant and passed years since then. I performed purification on muscle, bone, and visceral organs, and transferred positive energy with my own techniques.

When I talked with the parents, I noticed that this problem was because of the mother. The mother of the kid married that gigantic creature, and she has 3 kids from him. Her mother is also married to another creature from the same tribe, and she also has kids. They want the “human kid” for this reason. Because his wife’s kid is also his kid…

Sexual intercourse and birth in dreams are something. Having sexual intercourse in a dream gives that creature a right to claim. If he will have a right to you, he can claim for the kid. In fact, claiming for the kid or other similar claims on his own, does not comply with the rules of that dimension. However, just like in our world, some creatures can think they can do whatever they want unless they are caught.

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