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The Cost of Mocking the Jinns

True Horror Stories – The scary story of the event that a youngster suffered after mocking the jinns and swearing at them during a conversation about the jinns with his friends.

True Horror Stories – I was really a naughty boy when I was young. I used to mock everything, and I didn’t care about anything. One day, while I was having a conversation with my friends, we started to talk about the jinns. I started to mock them with my usual reckless and naughty attitude as always.

While my friends told me “Don’t, do not do it…”, I take it to the next level and started to swear djinns. I mocked djinns despite the warnings of my friends but something in me was telling me that something bad was going to happen to me.

Suddenly, I saw a cat in front of me after I left my friends and was going back to my home. Something amazing happened and the cat started to talk to me! Her eyes were pure white, and she was saying things that I couldn’t pay attention to because I was really scared.

I ran to my house shocked with fear and I wanted to wash my hands and face. When I washed my hands and face and lifted my head up, my mind was blown! A strange creature was looking at me in the mirror.

I just froze in my position. I was trying to run away but it was like something fixed me in my position! At one moment, I don’t know what happened, but I managed to get control of my body and run away. Now, I’m trying to not mock anything in my file, and I cannot look at the mirrors

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