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Soul Summoning Ritual for the Soul of a Living Person

Unlike common djinn summoning or necromancy rituals, heart invitation is a method used to call the heart, i.e., the consciousness of a living person.

What Is Heart Invitation?

Unlike common djinn summoning or necromancy rituals among people, heart invitation is a method used to call the heart, i.e., the consciousness of a living person. The person, who you call his heart, i.e., his consciousness is still alive, and you can ask any question you like after the necromancy ritual. If the person you summoned has developed intuitions, it is highly likely that he will not even notice that you summoned him.

Necromancy on a Living Person

Although this ritual is not as common as djinn summoning or necromancy rituals, it is called “heart invitation” among people. However, what is important here is, that this ritual includes contact with the consciousness of a person who is still alive.

It will be better for you to have experience in djinn summoning or necromancy rituals or have superior telepathic skills to be successful in the heart invitation ritual. You cannot only summon the conscious of another person with this ritual but also your higher conscious too.

How to Perform Heart Invitation Ritual?

First, write down A to Z on a piece of paper and cut them into small pieces to get prepared for the necromancy of a living person. Later on, write down the numbers from 0 to 9. Place all the numbers around the table to form a circle. Place, “Yes”, ”No”, and ”I don’t know” phrases in the middle of the circle and find a small cup that can easily slip onto the table. In short, prepare the traditional Quija, which is known as the witch table among people.

If possible, you need to be four people for the summoning. Make sure that you do not perform the ritual alone. Place yourself around the table to form a circle. Everyone should hold hands, which their right hands will be at the top and left hands will be at the bottom. Boost your spiritual energy by focusing on yourself. Take deep and slow breaths. Empty your minds altogether and wish a common wish.

Your wish can be something like “For sake of the whole and us, we start the ritual here under the rule of universal verses. All consciousnesses and hearts are one. We only open this door for the dimension of hearts and close it to all beings”. If you got the core idea of the above-mentioned sentence, you do not have to copy and repeat it with the exact words. The purpose of this is to focus the energy.

Later on, place the right thumb on the top of the small cup. Do not push a lot. The person who runs the ritual should repeat, “I’m opening the door to the dimension of hearts, and I only want the person, which we are going to summon, to enter this door. I do not allow any evil being to enter this room” three times. Make sure that he says this quite clearly and with a solid will.

Later, after repeating “I’m calling the dimensions of heart” three times and the person who runs the ritual should say, “From the realm of the hearts, I summon ……. here right now”. After repeating it three times, he should ask “did you come?”

After Summoning the Soul

If the small cup moves towards the “Yes”, then you successfully summoned the soul. If not, take a deep breath again, focus your energy again and invite him three times again. Ask for his birthdate after you summon him. (Those who know the birthdate of the person should close their eyes and empty their minds). If the answer will be true, then you summoned the should.

However, what you need to pay attention to here is the birthdate written on the ID may not be accurate all the time. If you summoned the right soul, you can ask any question you like.

Dismissing the Summoned Soul

Do not lift your finger from the cup during the heart invitation ritual. Later, thank the soul and say, “We are sending …… back to the realm of hearts” three times. Ask, “Are you here?” to make sure that you successfully dismissed him. If no answers will be provided, then you dismissed him successfully.

Keep in mind that you are the one that opens the door, therefore, the control of the door will be in you. Closing the door or dismissing someone you summoned is under your control. Thus, make sure that you are in the control with a strong will.

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