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Separation Spell

The spell described below is an uncanny separation spell made by reciting the names of some jinns and is not usually used with good intentions.

The materials required for this spell are as follows: 1 donkey head, 1 goat head and 7 white chillies. These ingredients are put in a suitable pot and boiled. However, these procedures should be carried out alone, without anyone else present. After the pot boils and the steam comes out, the following azimah is recited 71 times.

English - Seperation Spell
English – Seperation Spell

Recitation: Shemush, Mamush, Shamshug, Hamshush, Tamshush, Reshmatush, Matutish! Tevekkelu bi hakki el melik, el hakim aleykum bi ekdi zeker fulan ibnu fulan hatta la yunkih fulan binti fulan madet es semae fevka el ard tehte el vahen el vahen el vahen el haste el haste es saate es saate barek allahu fikum ve aleykum.

Explanations: According to the statement of the author of the work from which the aforementioned description of magic is quoted, “This deed of yours will come true as long as the earth and the sky do not enter into one another and as long as the Day of Judgement does not break.” By the way, the names given in the above azimah are the names of jinn. Those who are sensitive about such matters are advised to be careful while reading.

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