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Things We Experienced in Haunted Vineyard House

True Horror Stories – Haydar C. is telling the story of the frightening event that…

Verse of Invisibility

Anesthesia Technician Heybet Yarar is telling how a relative of his patient who came to…
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Were we in the Parallel Dimension?

It was 2016. Me, my brother, a friend and his mum went to a barbecue restaurant in the rural area of Buca district of Izmir. On the way back, it got pretty dark. So my friend confused the road and we arrived at a residential area with 30, 40 households near there. When we realised…

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Jinn Disguised as My Father

Hello, I’m a lady living in Turkey. Without revealing my identity, I would like to tell you about a paranormal event that happened to me. I was about 22 years old. We were living in the village with my family. It was evening. Those who live in the village know that in villages the lights…

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