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Our Avenging Djinns Who Protect Us

I live with my mum and my brother. We live in an old but very…

The Unbelievable War of the Storks and Eagles

In 1934, the western regions of Turkey, especially Bursa and Aydın, witnessed an unbelievable war…

Protective Amulet Making

How to make a protective amulet? An powerful amulet recipe that you can make yourself…

Dreams about Cats: Means Theft, Confiscation, and Illness

What Do Dreams About Cats Mean? What awaits those who have a dream about cats in…

The Mysterious Death of Aunt Fidan

A true horror story that took place in Palu District of Elazig City. The story of the mysterious and horrible death of Aunt…

Ghost in the Coal Mine

A retired miner told about the chilling paranormal event he experienced in the mine where…
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Were we in the Parallel Dimension?

It was 2016. Me, my brother, a friend and his mum went to a barbecue restaurant in the rural area of Buca district of Izmir. On the way back, it got pretty dark. So my friend confused the road and we arrived at a residential area with 30, 40 households near there. When we realised…

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Jinn Disguised as My Father

Hello, I’m a lady living in Turkey. Without revealing my identity, I would like to tell you about a paranormal event that happened to me. I was about 22 years old. We were living in the village with my family. It was evening. Those who live in the village know that in villages the lights…

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