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Jinn Sultan in Love with Me

İdris Şahin told what happened to him in his childhood years about the jinn sultan…

Were we in the Parallel Dimension?

It was 2016. Me, my brother, a friend and his mum went to a barbecue…

The Danger of Death: Losing a Tooth in a Dream

Although a dream about a tooth in a dream usually gives information about the future…

Dream About Being Pregnant: Good News or Death?

To dream about being pregnant, to meet a pregnant or to give birth is generally interpreted…

Short Prayers to Protect Yourselves from Djinns

Short, daily prayers are recommended by the Prophet Muhammad to protect ourselves from Satan and…

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Dead People or Death in a Dream?

Here are the answers to the questions of what it means when you dream of dead…
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Jinn Disguised as My Father

Hello, I’m a lady living in Turkey. Without revealing my identity, I would like to tell you about a paranormal event that happened to me. I was about 22 years old. We were living in the village with my family. It was evening. Those who live in the village know that in villages the lights…

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Our Avenging Djinns Who Protect Us

I live with my mum and my brother. We live in an old but very big house. We had big mirrors in the living room of the house. Sometimes we would see tall, black, shadowy beings in the hall. They would come out of the mirrors and go back into the mirrors. At first, we…

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