Our Avenging Djinns Who Protect Us

I live with my mum and my brother. We live in an old but very big house. We had big mirrors in the living room of the house. Sometimes we would see tall, black, shadowy beings in the hall. They would come out of the mirrors and go back into the mirrors. At first, we did not attach much importance to these events. Since we were going through a stressful period, we thought, “What we have been through may have disturbed our psychology. That’s why we might have seen such illusions.” But it was an interesting situation that not only one of us but all of us saw such beings. Our relatives or friends who came to stay at home also said that they saw strange things even though we did not tell them anything.

One evening our downstairs neighbour saw us entering the house and said to us, “I have been hearing the sound of drumming in your house for 3 hours. I rang the bell at least 20 times, and no one answered the door. ” We said, “How can that be? We left the house early in the morning today. We haven’t been in the house since the morning and we had locked the door and left.” As we were going up the stairs to enter the house, our neighbour came to the house with us out of curiosity. We even unlocked the door together. There was no sound in the house. But the floor was covered with black ashes. However, it was obvious that no one had entered the house. Because even if someone had entered the house, they should have stepped on the ashes. But there were no footprints on the ashes. We were puzzled. 

Experiencing strange events had almost become our daily routine. We couldn’t tell anyone what had happened to us for fear of being called crazy. One day when my grandmother was staying with us, we had the following incident: Something tickled my grandmother’s feet and ran away at night. My grandmother thought it might have been one of us. So she came to the room where my brother and I were staying. The doors of our rooms cannot be opened and closed without squeaking. Because the house is quite old. My grandmother was surprised to see this. Then we all immediately looked at the balcony. To check if that person had escaped there. Our house is on the third floor. Since he couldn’t jump from the balcony and escape, he must have been on the balcony. But there was no one on the balcony and the windows of the balcony were closed. 

When this incident happened, it was close to the morning call to prayer. We prayed together, read the Qur’an, and then my mum started preparing breakfast. Just as she was putting tea water on the hob, the doorbell rang. It was not normal to hear a knock on the door so early in the morning. Anyway, when we looked at the door to see who it was, there was no one there. The interior lighting of the building was done with lamps activated by motion-sensitive sensors. The automatic lamps were not switched on because they did not detect any movement. If there was someone at the door, the lamps should have switched on automatically. We said, “The bell must be stuck.” We closed the door. 

My grandmother was reciting “La havle vela kuvvete illa billahil aliyyül aziym.” (The prayer that some Muslims recite when they face a difficult situation that requires patience.) At that moment, there was a loud thumping sound from the door. My mum immediately opened the door again, but no one was there again. We said, “What’s going on?” Immediately afterwards, the same sound came from the room doors inside the house. Since it was winter, none of the windows were open. So the draught couldn’t have slammed the doors. Then a crackling sound came from the ceiling. It was as if the ceiling was collapsing, but again there was nothing.

After this incident, my grandmother did not visit us for months out of fear. One night when my mum’s cousin was staying with us, we were awakened by the sound of glass breaking in the bathroom, followed by the sound of glasses and plates breaking in the kitchen. We rushed to check and nothing was broken, neither in the bathroom nor in the kitchen. My mum shouted at those beings we could not see. “Whatever you do, we won’t leave this house, nor will we be afraid of you. I pay the rent here, you’re the ones who will leave!” The answer was silence…

Then my mum became ill after these events. She lay feverish for days. She was constantly saying that a black shadow stood over her head and looked at her with red eyes. She said that it didn’t go away even when she recited the Besmele, Ayetel Kürsi, Felak, Nas (verses of the Qur’an believed to drive away djinns). While my mother was praying, that thing was praying in front of her. My mother would sometimes point to a place and tell us “Don’t go there”. If we crossed to that place, we would get something like an electric shock. Once, my brother’s hair was lifted up in front of my eyes. My mum was saying, “Close the door”. When I said, “I don’t care!” the door would close on its own.

Once, when I was going into my mum’s room, the door opened by itself. My mum was lying in a fever. I wanted to take her to the doctor, but I could not afford it. My grandmother did not come to us out of fear. My mum’s cousins were also very scared. No one would come to us. My mum shouted, “Go away!” I said, “Why mum?” She said, “I didn’t tell you, baby. I told him. He’s here. He’s looking after me, he’s always with me.” I said, “Who, Mum? I can’t see anything.” She said, “There! Look, he’s right behind you!” Suddenly the door of the room opened, but there was no one, nothing.

My mum said to me: “Can you give me some water, baby?” I went to the kitchen. Just as I was leaving, I heard the sound of a glass falling and breaking. My mum called out, “Are you okay, dear?” I said, “Yes mum, I’m fine, but I think the glass broke.” Mum got up. We both went into the kitchen, but again there was nothing broken. Even my brother heard the sound and woke up, but nothing…

I had a mate at school who was always picking on me. He was very mean to me. Something terrible happened to him. He wrote me a message and said, “I’ve been punished for what I did to you.” I asked him, “What happened?” His house was burnt down… I had a book he took from me by force. Only that book survived the fire unharmed. Later, when he returned the book, I don’t know why, I got scared and I threw that book on the stove and burnt it. 

I told my mother what had happened. My mother said, “I am going through a similar situation. Everyone calls me these days and says strange things. Apologising, asking for forgiveness, etc.”

There was also a very interesting situation at that time. Whoever had done something bad or wrong to my mother in the past would call and apologise to her. When my mother asked them why they needed to apologise to her now, she received similar and interesting answers. Those people were telling my mother that they were always in trouble, that they always saw my mother in their dreams, that there were dark soldiers with my mother in these dreams, but that they acted without taking orders from my mother and took revenge on them instead of my mother.

One day we saw black shadows coming out of my brother’s bed. My brother was asleep. We couldn’t enter the door of the room. My mother was about to go in to pick him up when something pushed her back. My mum fell to the floor. Then I tried to enter, but my hair lifted up as if I was caught in an electric current and that thing pushed me back too. It was a very intense energy.

My mum shouted to my brother, “Get up!” My brother woke up panting and crying. He was so scared. He told us the following: “Mum, I was trying to wake up but I couldn’t. Black, small, dwarf-like things were trying to pull me under the ground. I was calling out to you but no one could hear me. I tried to recite the Besmele, but they covered my mouth… They grabbed my hands. They were pulling me under the black earth, but you could not see me.”

Mum hugged us tightly. She recited the Surahs of Felak, Nas, Ayatel Kursi, Ihlas and Kafirun out loud. It was two o’clock at night. He picked us up and we left the house. Mum’s fever was still very high. We went to the emergency room with a fever of 41 degrees… “Good thing you didn’t get meningitis,” the doctor said. My mum said, “I don’t know if I have meningitis, but I’m hallucinating.” At that moment, a woman’s scream echoed in the hospital. Everyone ran and looked, but no one was there. My mum said to me, “I think I’m going crazy; that black thing is still here and looking at me.” I said, “Where is it?” Just where she pointed, a box tipped over and the pills spilled on the floor. 

It was two days after this incident. We had an argument with my mother and my brother about something. I misunderstood something. My mother said, “You are doing us an injustice, but now say the Besmele and take refuge in Allah. That black being is angry and looking at you with red eyes. Please apologise to us and take refuge in Allah!” I didn’t care much. “What is he going to do? Is the devil going to burn me?” At that moment a fire exploded from the stove. The whole house echoed as if a bomb had exploded.

All the doors of the house were shaken by the blast. My clothes were on fire. My hand, my hair, my sweater, my trousers were on fire. While my mother was trying to extinguish me, my brother was screaming and crying out of fear… I couldn’t understand why only I was on fire. My mother and brother were also in the room at that time! Something was always protecting Mum. Even more than protecting; that something was also punishing those who bothered her when necessary. It also protected us when necessary, but I think it was only because we were important to my mum. 

One day when my grandfather was passing by our house, he saw a long, black shadow looking at him through the window and waving. He thought it was us and waved back. Then, as he turned the corner of the street, he realised that we three were coming from the market… My grandfather, who was very surprised, asked us: “Who was in your house just now?” After I told him that there was no one at home, we all went into the house to see what had happened. But again there was nothing. 

We can’t understand why we’re going through this. According to what my grandmother told me, these strangenesses we are experiencing actually started in my mother’s childhood. According to my grandmother, my mother used to talk to some invisible beings when she was alone in her room as a child. My grandmother and grandfather could hear her talking from behind the door. But when they entered my mother’s room, the conversations would stop. Sometimes the sounds of 5-6 children playing and laughing would come from my mother’s room. When my grandfather and grandmother entered the room and checked, they found my mother sitting alone and quietly. 

Neither my mother’s marriage nor her relationships ever went well… I think the reason for this is those invisible beings that have been around her since her childhood… 

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