My Ghost Mum

Ghost Stories – A rare true horror story experienced personally by one of our Facebook group followers.

Ghost Stories – I had just come home from school. My father was not at home because he was at work at that time. My mum answered the door, naturally. I hugged her and kissed her cheeks and asked her what was for dinner. My mum didn’t answer me. I didn’t push her, thinking she probably didn’t hear me. Then it started to get dark. Mum helped me do my homework. Then the bell rang. Mum said, “You answer the door.”

So I ran and opened the door and hugged and kissed my dad. Then we went into the living room. Mum gave me the “hush” sign. There was something strange. Looking at my father’s movements, it was as if my father didn’t see my mother. There was no greeting or any other conversation between them… This situation was strange even with my child mind. I was scared, but I kept quiet.

I didn’t say anything to anyone. When it was about 22.00, I went to my room to sleep. My mum was sitting at the head of my bed. Not giving me a chance to ask her why my father couldn’t see her, she started telling me a bedtime story. Since I was still a little child, I started to listen. I fell asleep while listening to the bedtime story my mother was telling. When I woke up in the morning, my father brought my school uniform to my room.

My mum helped me put it on. Then I went to school as I always did, and that’s how my days went for about a week. It was as if my mum was helping me every day in a way that my dad couldn’t see. Then two more days passed and things started to change: Mum came at me with a knife: “Do you want to come here?” she shouted. And I got scared and started crying.

By the way, my mum had been suffering from cancer for years. That evening my father told me that my mum had died in hospital a week earlier. He had been waiting for the right time to tell me in a proper way. But when my father found out what I had been going through with my mum for a week, he told me that what I had seen couldn’t be real. But everything I experienced was real. She even made me do my homework, that spirit thing…

Anyway, when I insisted on the reality of what I saw, my father took me to a psychologist. The psychologist said that it was impossible for a girl of my age to make up such things that she said she had seen. These words of the psychologist proved the reality of what I saw. And we moved out of that house and settled in an apartment… What I am telling you is one hundred per cent true. I personally experienced all this.

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