My Friend’s Glorious Guardian Djinn

Paranormal Stories – Yasin Yavuz told about an interesting jinn experience he personally experienced in 2021. A true story that we do not come across often.

My Friend’s Friend

Last year (2021), an acquaintance of mine came to my workplace with a friend. We had a small-scale trade with this acquaintance. In the meantime, we had a casual acquaintance and a short conversation with the friend he brought with him. 3 days later, close to the closing time of our store, one of my childhood friends came to my workplace for shopping. After we finished shopping, I closed the store.

I offered my friend to sit somewhere and have a cup of tea or coffee. In response to my offer, my childhood friend said that he was going to meet another friend of his and said, “You come too. You can meet my friend.” I politely declined my friend’s offer to avoid embarrassment, but my friend insisted. So I accepted my friend’s offer.

We went to a café together. My friend’s friend was sitting there, waiting for us. I recognised my friend’s friend as soon as I saw him. This was the person I mentioned at the beginning of the story, the person I met at my workplace. Of course, he recognised me too, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. “I think we’ve met you before,” he said. I said, “We’ve met. We’ve met.”

He Burnt the Djinn Who Fell in Love with Him

We sat down. We started chatting. As the time progressed, the conversation got darker and fairy djinn etc. conversations opened. During the conversation, my friend’s friend said to me, “I had a female djinn until 2 years ago. She was in love with me…”

In the continuation of his speech, he started to explain that this djinn appeared to him through a queen living in ancient times, how she came and went, and so on. He was telling these things but I didn’t believe what he was saying. “What happened then?” I asked him. “I had that djinn burnt by a teacher two years ago. Because she had confused me too much. I was out of balance.” He answered my question.

The Hodja Gave Him a Guardian Djinn

“After she left, others, malicious ones, started to come. They tried to haunt me. So I went to another hodja. The hodja said, ‘They won’t be able to bother you anymore. I am giving you a guardian jinn,’ he said. And he gave me a grandfather jinn. A Muslim jinn. He is even with me right now.”

“He comes when I call his name and in the evenings. But he gets angry with me if I call him for no reason and if I drink alcohol. He is very majestic. He always has a rosary in his hand…” he continued to tell. But of course I didn’t believe what he told me. I let him know that I didn’t believe him either… “He is here now. He is looking at us. I can show him if you want, but you’ll shout out of fear. I said, “Show me.” He wouldn’t. “Aha!” I said, “It’s a lie…”

That Thing in the Fog

Anyway, we finished the conversation and left. 2 weeks passed. We met this friend again one evening. We sat in a cafe and chatted. Then we got in the car and started travelling. We were driving at a speed of 40 – 50 km on a straight road leading to the village road. A fog fell ahead of the road. My friend asked me to stop where the fog started. I stopped. He got out of the car.

The roadside was grassy. There were no trees around. There were only bushes. You see, it was a flat, open land. It was foggy, but this fog was only where we were. He asked me to get out of the car quickly and go to him. I got out of the car as my friend said. Pointing to a spot ahead, he said, “Take a good look here.” I looked…

My Friend’s Glorious Guardian Djinn

I saw him where he was pointing, about 50 metres away. He was about 5 metres tall. He was going left and right. I could only see him as a grey, shadowy figure from his feet to his chest. I watched him for about 3 minutes… His outfit resembled the costumes of Hacivat Karagöz [1]Karagöz and Hacivat is a traditional Turkish shadow play based on imitation and dialogue, performed on a screen with two-dimensional depictions. . After 3 minutes he disappeared. The fog disappeared with his disappearance.

Then we got into the car. My friend asked me to drive the car to the school. We arrived in front of the school. There was a distance of about 150 metres between us and the school. The staircase lights at the entrance of the school and the lights of a few rooms in the building were on. At the top of the stairs, a jet black man was standing!…. 1 minute later he disappeared. And after this incident, I started to believe what my friend told me.


1 Karagöz and Hacivat is a traditional Turkish shadow play based on imitation and dialogue, performed on a screen with two-dimensional depictions.

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