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Jinn Struck on Soldier’s Watch

A true story that happened during military service. A short story of a jinn experience. The person who told the story did not share his identity.

It was my eighth month in the army. A new boy had come to our unit. He was a cheerful, playful boy… That day it was his turn on guard duty. He was going to be on guard duty with another more senior friend in the part of the unit facing the forest, which we call the “back side”. The back side was deserted, overlooking the forest. Our senior friend, thinking that nobody would notice him anyway, left this new kid alone on guard duty and went to bed himself…

Before an hour passed, gunshots came from behind. When we rushed to the scene, the scene we saw was as follows: Our new boy was shooting towards the forest as if he had lost himself. We grabbed his hand and took the gun from him. “What are you doing?” we said. “The jinn were having a wedding and I shot at them. They’re going to kill me!” he said. When we let go of his hand, the boy took his hands to his own throat and started strangling himself, crying and so on…

Naturally, at first we thought, “He is doing this to get out of the seizure”. Then the boy fainted. We carried the boy to the bunk bed and laid him down, his eyes were closed. I said to myself, “Maybe he was possessed by a jinn. Let me read NasFelak [1]Nas and Felak are 2 short suras in the Qur’an. It is believed that reading these 2 suras seven times each keeps the jinn away..” At that time, I was at one end of the room, the boy was motionless on the bunk with his eyes closed…

Anyway, just as I was about to start reciting Surah Nas, the boy started mumbling. Before I could even move my lips, the boy turned to me and shouted, “Shut up! Enough!” he shouted. The boy’s doing this frankly scared me a lot. Because I had already started to read the surah. Even if I had started reading, it was impossible for him to hear me because of the distance between us.

With the fear of this strange incident, I recited Felak – Nas over and over again until the morning. In the end, he barely came to his senses. After this incident, he was sent on leave. I never saw him after that, I hope he recovered.

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1 Nas and Felak are 2 short suras in the Qur’an. It is believed that reading these 2 suras seven times each keeps the jinn away.

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