Ghost in the Coal Mine

A retired miner told about the chilling paranormal event he experienced in the mine where he used to work, which he thought was related to the spirits of those who died in that mine:

It Started After the Mine Accident

Ghost in the Coal Mine
Ghost in the Coal Mine

I was born in 1968. I am the son of a miner father and a miner. I am the father of two children. The incident happened to me in the mine where I worked a year or two before I retired. Everything started after an accident in the mine. That day, I went to the workplace as usual. In the morning, after having breakfast in the canteen of the workplace, I got into the cage to go 260 metres underground.

When I say cage, I mean an elevator. We mine workers preferred to call it a cage instead of an elevator because it was a simple device that worked with a large crane rather than an elevator. Anyway, I went down to the mine. After working until the end of the shift, I started walking towards the bottom of the shaft. We call the place where we got into the cage the bottom of the shaft.

As I was walking slowly, an engine passed by me quickly. What I call an engine can be considered as a small train. It was a relatively simple device compared to the train, pulling only wagons weighing up to one tonne at most. There were workers on the engine. Normally they are forbidden to do this, but sometimes when the workers are very tired after work, they ride on the engine to avoid walking. I continued to walk slowly as the engine sped past me.

The Blood Was Flowing As If From A Faucet

Then there was shouting coming from up ahead. Someone seemed to be moaning in a wheezing voice. I moved towards the direction of the sound in order to understand exactly what was happening. I started to look around carefully. When I approached the place where the sound came from, I saw that someone was lying in the water channel on the side of the air door. Blood was flowing from the person lying in the water channel as if from a faucet. At that moment I went into a short-term shock.

In that chaos, we immediately carried the injured person to the lift entrance, which we call the bottom of the shaft, and sent him to the hospital. I still could not get over the shock of that image. That day, that person who was injured in that accident died. This incident affected me deeply. My psychology turned upside down. According to what I learnt later, the accident happened as follows: While the workers were travelling with the engine, the air door did not open. Since the engine was also fast, the engine hit the door with great violence. The worker who was caught between the engine and the door was crushed badly during this impact.

In the days following this incident, when I passed through that gate, it always seemed to me as if someone was still lying in the water channel. I couldn’t pass through there by myself. Since the hearth was not sufficiently lit, it was always very dark inside the hearth. It was only illuminated by fluorescent lamps, which were very sparsely placed in certain parts of the hearth. Because of the effect of this incident, I was completely disenchanted with work. I didn’t feel like going to work at all, but I had to.

That Light Approaching Me

Anyway, one day when I was at work again, I was the last one left at the end of work in the area of the mine where I was working. When I looked around, everyone had left. I sat down somewhere. Such a weight fell on me that it seemed like a lifetime to go from there to the lift area, which the workers called the bottom of the shaft. I said to myself, “I’ll rest a little where I’m sitting and then I’ll go. My eyes closed for a while. I was between sleep and wakefulness. I saw a man approaching me from ahead, holding a lamp in his hand.

“There is no work left at the stove at this hour. I guess he stayed later like me,” I said to myself. That light that was approaching me suddenly disappeared. “Oh my God! Where did this man go?” I said to myself. Then I thought: “Let me sit for one or two more minutes. Maybe the man who just disappeared will come back and we can go to the lift together.” Then my eyes closed again. I don’t know how much time passed; suddenly I woke up with a very severe slap! But what a slap; I thought my neck was broken. I immediately recovered and looked around me. There was no one! It was impossible for someone to hit me and run away. For this reason, I started running towards the lift in fear and panic. That day I didn’t tell anyone about what had happened.

The Black Being Who Warned Me

One or two weeks later, I was the last one again. This time I hurried up and went straight to the lift entrance. As I sat down and waited for the lift to arrive, I noticed that something jet black was coming towards me. It had a hand lamp and a hard hat, but neither of them was lit. It was slowly approaching me. I called out from afar, “Master! What’s wrong? Did the lamp malfunction?” He didn’t answer. Instead, it kept coming towards me slowly.

I felt a strong sense of fear that I didn’t know why. I wanted to get up and leave, I even wanted to run away, but I was paralysed. I couldn’t move. Although he was very close to me, I couldn’t see his face or body clearly. It was as if the man coming towards me was not a tangible substance but a shadow, a silhouette. “Don’t ever sleep on the hearth again!” he said to me. I could feel the man’s speech not in my ears but in my brain. He spoke to me almost telepathically and disappeared.

I had heard of such events from a few other people before, but I didn’t believe it. At that moment, those stories I had heard went through my mind. I read all the prayers I knew. That black silhouette had not harmed me, but living that moment had further disrupted my already broken psychology. I couldn’t get up from where I was sitting for another 1-2 minutes. After a while, I pulled myself together and walked away from there.

Ghosts of Mine Martyrs

When I told my friends what had happened to me, they did not believe me. When I told what happened to me to the imam of the village where I lived, the imam believed me and said the following: “They are the owners of the mines. As you know, according to Islamic belief, the souls of martyrs can choose to stay in this world instead of going to the hereafter if they wish. According to a saying of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, those who die under the rubble are considered martyrs just like those who die in war. That’s why we call people who died in the mines mine martyrs. Most probably that thing you saw in the mine was the spirit of a mine martyr and it warned you. He wanted to protect you.” After that day, I never slept in the mine again.

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