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Egg Spell to Attract Your Crush

Love spell recipe made by writing 5 jinn names on a black chicken egg to attract the person you are in love with.

Ritual of Falling in Love with Egg Spell

If you want to attract the person you’re in love with: Break a black hen’s egg, which was laid that day, into a red glass bottle. On the shell of the egg you have broken, write the following jinn names in red ink:

Egg Spell to Attract Your Crush
Egg Spell to Attract Your Crush

5 Jinn Names: Shalig, Malig, Marut, Sarug, Jalig

Put the egg shells in a clean bowl and fill it with clean water. When the eggshells rise above the water, leave 7 chickpeas in the bowl. Then repeat the name of the person you are in love with and the name of his mother 7 times as in the following sentence. “May the daughter (or son) of so and so fall in love with the son (or daughter) of so and so”.

Example sentence: May Maryam, the daughter of Eve, fall in love with Musa, the son of Fatima. Your intention in question will be realised in the shortest time.

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