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Dreams about Cats: Means Theft, Confiscation, and Illness

What Do Dreams About Cats MeanWhat awaits those who have a dream about cats in the futureaccording to the science of spiritual dream interpretation?

Dreams about Cats: Means Theft, Confiscation, and Illness
Dreams about Cats: Means Theft, Confiscation, and Illness

Spiritual Dream Interpretations

Having a dream about the cat gives information about the people around us or the people we will meet soon. However, as in almost every dream, its meaning and messages are not limited to this.

Who Does the Cat in the Dream Represent?

According to Mollah Cami, one of the famous masters of spiritual dream interpretationthe cat in the dream represents a servant and protector. Also, some dream interpreters say that the cat represents a thief from the household of the dreamer. If the cat is female, it represents a deceitful and evil servant woman. On the other hand, the cat in the dream may represent a man who goes around a person and tries to protect him but does both harm and benefit to that person.

The cat in a dream might be a sign of a dominant mother, a woman who is very ambitious about the upbringing of her child. A civet cat is a sign of a man with a bad temper and good character.

Dream Interpretations According to Happenings and Situations

The interpretations of dreams about the cats differ according to the actual happenings and situations.

Cat Bite

If a male cat bites or scratches someone in a dream, that person will be ill. If this cat is wild, it means that the illness will be more severe. If the cat is female, and especially a housecat, it means that the person who has the dream will have a comfortable and peaceful life all the year.

Wrestle with a Cat

If somebody wrestles with a cat in the dream and loses, that person gets rid of sickness, sadness, and grief immediately. Also, it means eliminating opponents and enemies. If the cat is lost in the dream, the dreamer’s illness and sadness will increase greatly. It can be interpreted as disruption of the order of the world. If a cat scratches a person or sheds blood or takes out his eye in a dream, it means having an enemy soon.

Selling a Cat

If somebody has a dream about selling a cat, it is interpreted as giving money, property, etc. to other people for free.

Eating a Cat

Having a dream about eating a cat is interpreted as learning magic in the traditional interpretations.
However, in the current interpretations, it is interpreted as the person who has the dream will learn new tricks, secrets, or presentation skills in a profession, sport, skill, studentship, etc.

Drinking Cat’s Milk

It can be interpreted as a fight and hostility in your life. Also, it may prognosticate a mild illness.

Seeing Yourself as a Cat

If somebody has a dream about being a cat or transforming into a cat, it can be interpreted as the person will try to live with jobs that do not benefit him or her.

Cat Entering the House

If a cat enters a house in a dream, it means that a thief will enter that house in real life.

Cat Stealing Something

If a female cat steals something from a person in a dream, it means that the person will have to pay a debt or pay compensation in real life. Also, it may be interpreted as confiscation.

Friendship of Cat and Mouse

Having a dream about the friendship of a cat and mouse means faction and hypocrisy. Also, it may be interpreted as the order of the world will be disturbed. As a general interpretation, seeing opposite things together is not interpreted well.

Cat Breeding

If somebody has a dream about giving birth to a cat means that the person’s child will be theft in real life.

4 Rules Must be Known Before Making Spiritual Dream Interpretations

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