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Astral Travel and Astral Body

What is astral travel? What is the astral body? What is Islam's approach to astral travelling? What are the main parapsychological researches and studies on this subject? What is Astral TravellingWhat is Astral BodyIslam's Approach to Astral TravellingHistory of Astral Travel ThoughtParapsychological Research on the Subject What is Astral

Meaning of Seeing a Horse in a Dream

Spiritual Dream Interpretations - To dream about a horse, like many other dreams, gives information about the future. Horse dreams mostly have prophecies related to wishes and luck on the future. The Meaning of the Dream According to Characteristics of the HorseMaleFemaleYoung and BloodGreyRed or AshGrayBlackTawnyNo Bar BitNo

How to Exorcise Djinns from Body?

How to exorcise djinns from the body? How can perform exorcising ritual? What are the signs that make exorcising necessary? How is exorcising ritual performed? Exorcising djinns/devils is something that most of us are familiar with because of Hollywood productions. However, this is something more serious and important compared to what is told

The Danger of Death: Losing a Tooth in a Dream

Although a dream about a tooth in a dream usually gives information about the future of relatives and financial situations, it is often interpreted as death. For this reason, the interpreter should be very careful while interpreting dreams about a tooth. If it is possible, it should be interpreted by a competent person. If you are going to

Short Prayers to Protect Yourselves from Djinns

Short, daily prayers are recommended by the Prophet Muhammad to protect ourselves from Satan and his descendants. Ablution and Prayer for Protection from Djinns A person can be partially protected from djinns when he has ablution in his daily life, he can increase this protection if he also performs prayer and prays. Protection from

Things Known About Zulman Djinns

According to the rumors, here are the things known about Zulman djinns, which live in tribes and are claimed to be one of the most djinn species. Things Known About Zulman Djinns Djinns, which live in deserts, tall and bulky and few in number, are called Zulmans. According to the rumors, Zulman djinns are highly dangerous. Due to

20 Most-Known Djinn Species and Breeds

It is believed that, just like humans, djinns and demons also have tribes, races, and species. Here are the most-known 20 djinn species and tribes… The existence of djinns is still not accepted by those who are interested in positive sciences. However, here are some information claimed to be found out about the species, races, and

Harbingers of Death

Situations, that are considered harbingers/omens of death and practices to avoid possible death because of them. The public opinion, which is uneasy because of the pressure of the fear of death, often considered some events going on around them such as the position of certain goods, their dreams, etc. as harbingers of death.

Rituals and Prayers for Summoning Muslim Djinn

The prayers to summon Muslim djinns, how to say these prayers, and things you must fulfill to summon Muslim djinns. Prayers to Summon Muslim Djinn Rituals and Prayers for Summoning Muslim Djinn You need to say “Eûzübillâhimineşşeytanirracim” three times while you are sitting on your two knees in a clean and dark place to summon and