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Paranormal Experiences

Kavuşma Büyüsü - Yaşanmış, gerçek, kısa, türk, korku hikayesi, oku - Reunion Spell - Black Magic Story

Reunion Spell

This is the story of a young man called Ibrahim, his reunion spell deals with a magian woman and djinn to convince the family of the girl he is in love with and its terrible consequences. Ibrahim Cengiz’s Hopeless Love Kutahya, 1988 – Ibrahim… Read More »Reunion Spell

Cin Vakası Dere Cinleri - Yaşanmış cinli gerçek kısa Türk korku hikayesi oku - River Demons - Real Scary Horror Story

River Demons

There is a story told among the people. According to what is said, a mass demon attack in Cinarcik village (Turkey) took place in the past… How Did Demons Haunt the Entire Village? According to what is said, people who visit… Read More »River Demons

Küçük Adamlar - Cinli Korku Hikayeleri - supernatural events and djinns

Little Men

The mysterious death story of my mother’s childhood friend, who was interested in supernatural events and djinns. Real Experience – Scary Story – My mum had a friend she loved when she was in her twenties. Her name was Vildan. But Vildan doesn’t… Read More »Little Men